Monday, October 10, 2016

Color peelapart experiments demonstrate proof-of-principle

Our recent experiments are producing some good-looking results using all-new materials. The first batches of New55 COLOR were produced using leftover materials made by Polaroid and supplied by 20x24 Studio for experiments. These were an essential and excellent start.

Today we are experimenting with an all-new negative, reagent and receiver material that can likely be obtained in fresh production quantities. The results show reasonably good Dmin and Dmax, a good grayscale, fairly correct colors and a color balance within striking distance of a real product.

Not visible here is a load of stuck-on reagent and some mottling caused by our inconsistent gap.  These both have to be fixed and although these results are promising we have no data on fading, pH neutralization, and changes due to age, humidity or time, which we will need.

A proposed Kickstarter is in the works but not quite ready. The success of a 4x5 color effort would presumably lead to the roll goods needed for pack films, later, and possibly other peelapart products.


cafe selavy said...

Go Team Go!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW ! Is this for sale as the P3 material on SupraSense?

Anonymous said...

I am getting tired of waiting for this and so are others.

mark henriksen said...

Your efforts should be commended! Looks fantastic, can't wait to get into 4x5.

Anonymous said...

CatLabs of JP are doing the same thing. I just heard from them.